Meet Deanna Lee, a CRC Graduate Scholarship Winner

College was–hands down one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I made lifelong friends, I fell in love, and I discovered my passion for science.

Much of who I am now as woman is because of my college experience; much of that is because of the CRC. College was–difficult at times, but the CRC was always in my corner, rooting me on harder than anyone and it was from a place in their heart, not their wallet.

The scholarship I received was more than money to pursue my education, it was a support network that kept me strong when the obstacles of college threatened to knock me down.

I can never thank them enough for the opportunity to learn, to grow, to give back to my community the way that they have given back to me. Thank you CRC foundation for provided me with the first stone on the pathway to success and service.

-Deanna Lee