Cheer For A Cause

“Cheer for a Cause” is a game-day contest personally created by Calais Campbell and born of his desire to encourage a culture of giving among his fans. To date, this initiative has resulted in over $30,000 in donations to charities across the greater Phoenix community. Now that Calais plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars, he hopes to continue giving to his new hometown. It’s just another great reason to cheer for our Jacksonville Jaguars favorite, #93!


During each Jacksonville Jaguars game, the CRC Foundation selects one fan wearing the Calais Campbell #93 jersey and makes a donation to a registered 501(c)3 charity of that fan’s choice from a list of organizations.

There is no monetary award given to the winning fan. All awards must go to a registered charity. Fans may only win once per season, home or away game. Each week’s total donation is based on Calais’ gameday performance:

  •  $500 for Jacksonville Jaguars win
  •  $500 if Calais bats a ball
  •  $1,000 if Calais forces a fumble
  •  $1,000 if Calais gets a safety
  •  $1,000 for single sack by Calais
  •  $3,000 for two sacks by Calais
  •  $5,000 if Calais scores a touchdown
  •  $6,000 for three sacks by Calais
  •  $10,000 for four sacks by Calais
  •  $15,000 for five sacks by Calais
  •  $5,000 for blocked kick by Calais
How to Win When the Jaguars Play at Home:
Wear your Calais Campbell Jersey to EverBank Field Stadium on game day. A representative from the CRC Foundation will select a random fan wearing a Calais Campbell jersey during the game.

How to Win When the Jaguars are on the Road:
Post or tweet a picture of yourself cheering on the Jaguars in a Calais Campbell #93 jersey to the official page for the CRC Foundation (@CRCFoundation93) on the day of the game using the hasthtag #CalaisCares. A winner will be chosen by the end of the 1st quarter and notified via Facebook or Twitter.